5-2035 Vision

The central thesis of the 5-2035 vision is that healthcare is an inalienable right as well a collective responsibility. 

In substance, 5-2035 is a comprehensive health policy blueprint that aims to curb type II diabetes in Mauritius to 5% prevalence by the year 2035 using a multi-sectoral approach.  Around this tangible goal, we have a larger ambition of improving the overall nefarious effects of diabetes-associated chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD are defined to include type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke), and the entire Mauritian healthcare system and quality of life within the next generation. Importantly, 5-2035 aligns itself to be a driver in the Mauritian economic engine by creating an exportable pragmatic evidence-based community health model to the rest of the world.

We will achieve the 5-2035 goal by empowering local communities through a grassroots integrated community health into the solid health infrastructure already present in the island. 

At the heart of the working model, we will heavily invest in human resources development. 5-2035 calls for training and/or retraining of 1,500 innovatively-conceived community health nurse practitioners (CHNPs) and 150 community health doctors (CHDrs), supported by a secretariat at the community health development initiative (CHDI). 

Core mechanisms towards achieving 5-2035 we will employ are:

1) promotion of national unity and social justice by making the 5-2035 endeavor our ‘Man to the Moon’ target; 2) the SEED-SCALE (Self-Evaluation for Effective Decision-making + System for Communities to Adapt Learning and Expand) model of sustainable community-based human development [1]; 3) investment in human potential and enabling existing institutions to grow with the project so we create buy-in from stakeholders in a fiscally-responsive manner; 4) focus on public-private partnerships to create a cadre of socially-conscious national and international entrepreneurs to spread the message of 5-2035 in the country and the rest of the world, and 5) focus on pragmatism and frugal innovation.

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