We are pleased to announce that our Vice-President, Dr. B. Nikhil Domun, presented his research work at the Société Francophone de Diabète Annual Meeting in Marseilles, France (March 26-29) to good reviews.  Under the supervision of Professor Estelle Nobecourt, his research focused on the Reunion Island kindred of Dunnigan Syndrome who are more prone to have type II diabetes.  Dr. Domun and his team demonstrated that the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, where they measured blood glucose 2 hours after a bolus of glucose consumption, was superior in detecting pre-diabetes in a group of 34 patients with Dunnigan Syndrome, when compared to fasting glucose alone.  This research will help doctors better detect pre-diabetes and therefore hopefully prevent type II diabetes in patients with Dunnigan Syndrome by lifestyle changes. https://www.sfdiabete.org/abstract-mediatheque?mediaId=59512&channel=41666 https://abstract.sfdiabete.org/congress/Medias/2019/backoffice/59512/abstract/abstract.pdf