Officer Values and Responsibilities

Officers of the GFCH commit to highest ethical conduct. They understand that the task of curbing CNCD (chronic non-communicable diseases; related preventable conditions of type II diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases) in Mauritius will require sustained community action, neighbors helping neighbors, in a generational struggle. While conducting the affairs of the GFCH, officers will promote a safe, apolitical and respectful environment. Officers of the GFCH do not discriminate based on gender, religion, national or ethnic origin, or race. They understand that behavioral change towards better health is a trial and error but constant effort approach towards curbing CNCD.  Officers are mindful not to be judgmental of people’s choices and will never engage in coercive practices to achieve any goals.  They will work within regulatory and local legal framework together with content experts, stakeholders and government officials to effect change for better health through the 5-2035 vision in Mauritius a model for the rest of the world.  

Our GFCH Officers and its responsibilities are listed below in alphabetical order.

Please also see our current leadership teams and vacancies available to serve, and our GFCH officer values and responsibilities to get a better sense of what we are about and the kind of organization we are building to enable to 5-2035 vision to decrease CNCD (chronic non-communicable diseases are related preventable conditions of type II diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases) in Mauritius using community empowerment and frugal innovation to become a model for the world.



  • Design, support and partner with others in the executive leadership team (ELT) and the leadership teams (LT) on all major fundraising initiative.
  • Actively work with the ELT and the LT to develop and implement a comprehensive development strategy to include corporate, foundation, government grants, etc.
  • Have primary responsibility for development and execution of all proposals; write and archive all proposals with a long-term relationship-management approach.

Strengthening infrastructure and operations

  • Oversee research funding sources and trends, with foresight, to help position the GFCH ahead of major funding changes or trends.
  • Collaborate with the President, the Executive Director, the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Financial Officer to develop and implement the GFCH’s financial strategy.
  • Monitor all donor information; provide and present statistical analysis to other members of the ELT
  • Monitor and report regularly on the progress of the development program

Program Development

  • Drive the recruitment and retention of LT for the GFCH 7-Nation strategy of grassroots mobilization.
  • Develop and implement a stewardship program aimed at cultivating deeper ties with donors.
  • Identify, develop, and mentor the development team.


Leadership & Management

  • Work with the other members in the executive leadership team (ELT) and the leadership teams to map digital capabilities to strategic priorities to optimize the GFCH’s footprint in the worldwide web to reach as many people as possible in Mauritius, and around the world.
  • Develop ways to attract and retain GFCH volunteers to maintaining our presence, expansion and efficiency on the worldwide web.

Program Development

  • Serve as the executive sponsor for digital process innovation. Work with the ELT and the LT to assess and implement new functionality or economies of scale that digital capabilities enable.
  • Be in touch with the preferences and needs of the visitors to our site in a two-way dialogue to improve empowerment of communities we will serve.

Strengthening infrastructure and operations

  • Develop and administer the digital project portfolio. Responsibility for actual deployment of digital solutions in line with the mission of the GFCH.
  • Be the “executive intermediary” during delivery of digital initiatives. This means enlisting involvement from others in the ELT and the LT to re-establish priorities, act as a coach, or serve as tiebreaker during the rollout of digital capabilities.


Financial Management

  • Review and approve preparation and finalization of monthly and annual financial reporting materials and metrics for the other members of the executive leadership team (ELT).
  • Oversee budgeting, financial forecasting, and cash flow for administration, existing programs, and proposed new programs.
  • Coordinate all audit activities.

-Administrative Leadership and Management

  • Serve as a point of contact to the ELT on the organization’s financial, budgeting, and administrative processes—including HR, payroll, and benefits functions—with an eye to continuously developing and improving systems.

-Program Recipient Mentoring

  • Develop successful and trusting relationships with the program recipients and create and sustain an environment at the GFCH that supports these relationships.
  • Teach / facilitate classroom activity to leadership teams, and serve as an advisor for community programs envisioned and facilitated by the GFCH.


Strategic Vision and Leadership

  • Collaborate with the advisers and other members of the executive leadership team (ELT) and leadership teams (LT) to refine and implement the strategic 5-2035 vision.
  • Drive the design, adoption, adaptation and implementation of the community health doctor (CHDr) curriculum working with local stakeholders and partners in Mauritius
  • Work with the President, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and Chief of Clinical Operations (CCO) to develop a collegial relationship between 5-2035 CHDrs and community health nurse practitioners (CHNPs)
  • The CMO will work with CCO and the CNO to deploy the human resources infrastructure which will enable piloting of the 5-2035 vision

-Promotion of Clinical Excellence

  • The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) will be focused on patient safety while promoting the following central themes among 5-2035 health care professionals: – Communication and interpersonal skills – Professionalism and humanism – Diagnostic acumen – Skillful negotiation of the health care system – Knowledge – Scholarly approach to clinical practice – Passion for clinical medicine – Focus on pragmatism and frugal innovation

-Promotion of Community Engagement

  • The CMO will be a central figure in promoting community engagement by deploying an increasing level of community involvement, impact, trust, and communication flow.
  • Working together with other members of the ELT and the LT, the CMO will promote outreach programs and improve consultation channels with communities.  The CMO will seek involvement, collaboration and shared leadership with the communities engaged with the GFCH.
  • The CMO’s office will be driven by the following guiding principles on community engagement: – Cultural sensitivity – Mutual understanding and respect – Focus on community empowerment – Teamwork – Focus on pragmatism and frugal innovation

-Promotion of Research and Training

  • The CMO will be the face of research and training of the GFCH, working together with the other members of the ELT and the LT.
  • The CMO’s office will be driven by the following guiding principles on research and training: – Scientific rigor – Ethical integrity – Translational focus – Scholarship; knowledge seeker – Teamwork – Focus on pragmatism and frugal innovation
  • The CMO will engage the academic enterprise, promote publication of 5-2035 plan findings in peer-reviewed journals
  • The CMO will drive the long-term plan to be the founding publisher of the official peer-reviewed online scientific publication of the GFCH: The International Journal of Community Practice.