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Devianee “Rookmani” Boodhun-Gour’s Story

Date: 1/14/2024

I had been healthy all my life. Then, one day about 10 years ago at work, out of the blue, I started feeling severely lightheaded. It was awful.  My colleagues took me to the hospital, and they ran some tests. The doctors found out that my serum glucose was off the charts. Just like that, I was diagnosed with diabetes.

For the first 5 years, I was in a state of denial. I would seldom take the medications, and then my children confronted me because my glycemic numbers were very high. They convinced me to take better care of my diabetes so I could live longer to see my grandchildren grow up.  I go to the clinic every 6 months and try to keep up, but we are so attached to white rice and roti. This is what we have consumed all our lives. What the doctors and nutritionists say makes sense, but then we fall back on old food habits.

Dr. Sudhir Kowlessur and his health promotion team at the Ministry of Health and Wellness are doing a good job of organizing fitness groups in communities. I cannot attend because I work. I hope they will have evening and weekend sessions in the future.

As we say in the 5-2035 Movement, Together We Can Beat Diabetes!