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Rehana Bunally’s Story

Date: 01/18/2024

My family has suffered a lot because of diabetes and associated conditions.  

My eldest sister passed away at the age of 56. She was diabetic on dialysis and died after a foot amputation. I have a second sister who is on insulin. I have a third sister who is also diabetic, and she had a laminectomy. My brother is on metformin.

Alas, I was not spared either. When I was 30 years old, doctors told me I was pre-diabetic when I was tested during my first pregnancy. I was incredulous and in denial.  But then, sure enough, suddenly, one day, I started feeling unwell, with fatigue and a terrible headache. When I checked my blood glucose it was way high.

Over time, I have also developed hypertension and recently had a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA). My medical issues are complicated. All this causes me to chronically feel bad inside, and I have mood swings, which strain my relationship with my family and friends.

One day you wake up and you feel well. Another day you wake up, and you don’t feel so good. I keep going because I love my family, and I love helping people as a charge nurse. I am 61 years old now, and I know the challenges I experience from diabetes will only worsen as I age. But I won’t give up. I am a fighter.