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By contributing to the initiative, you become more than just a donor; you become a co-architect in building a healthier tomorrow.

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Your Donation: Fueling a Global Health Revolution

At 5-2035 Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH), we’re not just dreaming of a healthier world; we’re actively building it, one community at a time. Every donation you make fuels this mission, propelling us towards our ambitious goal: reducing uncontrolled diabetes prevalence in Mauritius to 5% by 2035. But how, exactly, does your support translate into action?

1. Building a Mauritius Hub: Your contribution helps establish our operational base in Mauritius. We’ll use funds to build a secretariat – a vibrant hub buzzing with research, training, and community outreach initiatives. This central point will be the nerve center, coordinating activities and driving our 5-2035 vision forward.

2. Igniting Grassroots Expansion: We believe health knowledge should be accessible to all. Your support fuels our digital engine – a robust communication, web, and social media strategy. We’ll translate complex health information into bite-sized, engaging content, sparking a ripple effect of awareness and empowering communities worldwide to join the fight against chronic diseases.

3. Uncovering the Path to Prevention: Knowledge is power, and research unlocks its secrets. Your donation enables us to conduct the ICEHALL (Interventions in Communities to Encourage Health for ALL Impact Study). This groundbreaking research will gather invaluable data on the effectiveness of our community-based interventions, paving the way for future optimization and wider implementation.

By supporting these three pillars, you become more than just a donor; you become a co-architect in building a healthier tomorrow. Every cent you contribute translates into:
  • Community health officers and support staff matrix trained and equipped to empower their peers.
  • Families equipped with knowledge and tools to prevent diabetes.
  • Evidence-based interventions replicated and scaled globally, saving countless lives.
Join us on this journey. Donate today and be a part of the 5-2035 revolution! Together, we can build a world where health is not just a privilege, but a right for all.