Since my young age I have witnessed the loss of too many family members and people close to the family due to chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD; related and preventable conditions of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and stroke). More recently my uncle who is very close to me has undergone amputation of one of his limbs due to diabetes. Although he is only 48 years old, I feel the pain that the illness has brought to him and our family, and the difficulty he is experiencing rebuilding his life around something that could potentially have been prevented. What is happening to us with 40% of our countrymen and countrywomen who are either diabetic or pre-diabetic is hard to accept given that doctors and scientists tell us 80% of these conditions are preventable.  We have to come together as a country and save our beautiful island from the social and economic ravage that CNCD are wreaking on us. I have had a long desire to give back to my motherland for providing me with the good things in my life for me and my family, but did not have a direction of how. When Dr. Shivraj Sohur contacted me, it was as if a long-held wish to serve through the 5-2035 Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH) was answered.  I was delighted when the membership voted me to be their founding chief financial officer (CFO). I strongly believe that the vision of the 5-2035 GFCH to reduce diabetes prevalence in the country to 5% by year 2035 will be achieved. As the CFO of the foundation I will use all my knowledge and resources available to reach our goals.  Let’s get to work! Mr. Robin’s Bio