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¡Viva la Revolución!

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do,” – Goethe We believe that healthcare is an inalienable right and a collective responsibility. And perhaps nowhere else is it more pressing to turn this belief into a working reality than the island of Mauritius. Over 40% of its adult population is either diabetic or pre-diabetic despite a so-called universal healthcare ecosystem à la British National Health Service (NHS). We view this situation as a threat to the country’s national security. Eighty percent of diabetes and related CNCD (chronic non-communicable diseases; associated conditions of type II diabetes, coronary artery disease, hypertension and stroke) are preventable. Importantly, those with uncontrolled CNCD can be much better managed by simple standardized clinical interventions and proven community support like peer-to-peer counseling. Complications of CNCD such as kidney failure, the diabetic foot and even premature deaths are tragic as they are largely avoidable. The 5-2035 Vision calls for a frugally innovative, empowered community healthcare revolution not only to meet the challenge of CNCD rates run amok, but also to become a model for the world warily looking at the tsunami of CNCD sapping the prosperity of nations rich and poor. In the 5-2035 Movement of Volunteers, we have gathered insights that promise to decrease CNCD using scientifically rigorous innovative ideas in a responsible manner. For 10 long years, Mauritians and friends of Mauritius, from Sydney to Seattle, from Boston to Botswana, from South Africa to San Francisco, from Frankfurt to France, from London to l’Espérance Trébuchet, from Mumbai to Montréal and all places in between, have been hard at work developing the 5-2035 Vision. We are convinced that the 5-2035 Vision has universal relevance with Mauritius taking center stage as a showcase for its implementation. In the 5-2035 Movement, we believe that healthcare must function as a social rather than an economic institution. To be clear, healthcare must have economic drivers and public-private partnerships for social and medical innovation towards better health for all. But there is a sinking realization around the world that good health, even in many states that have so-called socialized medicine, is economically rigged and monetized by unchecked capitalism to favor the few and the wealthy, if that.

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While economic forces are responsible for creating a two-tiered system of health outcomes, there is also the other facet which relates to cultural and behavioral norms which no longer fit our sedentary lifestyles. In essence, there has been a multi-sectoral failure leading us to disastrous health outcomes, especially in CNCD, in Mauritius and many nations around the world. To promote better health by effective behavioral change, we are collectively called to arms. Too often, there is unproductive finger-pointing as to “who is responsible”. Whereas such war of words can be intellectually stimulating, by our collective inaction and status quo, they also stifle innovation in health, and with that, our future and that of our children. We believe you are responsible for the health of your family, local community, and country; the power of one for the benefit of many and vice versa. Above all, you are responsible to an agent of yourself in order to revolutionize health care delivery and curb CNCD in Mauritius as a model for the world through the 5-2305 Vision. We believe that good health for all is one of the existential struggles of the 21st century and, we invite you to be part of this fight in Mauritius. One of our mottos is: Concordia Res Parvae Crescunt — In Unity, Strength. People Power! Science First! Please join us in the 5-2035 Movement. We need you. Right now, we have two fields of immediate action:
  1. First, help us build our global grassroots movement called ‘All Nations Uprising’. Learn about us. Sign up. Get to know your district manager or Country / Regional Director. Engage us and become part of our movement. See what you can do locally to have national and international impact to curb CNCD in view of the 5-2035 Vision;
  2. Second, be an advocate with the government and its institutions to conduct the 5-2035 CIELAD (Community Interventions to Encourage Leagues Against Diabetes) Impact Study in pilot communities. CIELAD will allow us to road-test, improve, and capacity-build our 5-2035 Vision in the country, one local community at a time as a model for the world, and
Ensam Nou Kapav — Together We Can. ¡Viva la Revolución! The views expressed here by Dr. Sohur are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of the GFCH organization. Version Française