5-2035 GFCH Business Model Canvas

5-2035 GLOBAL FOUNDATION for COMMUNITY HEALTH (GFCH)  BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS PROBLEM & MISSION STATEMENTS; MOTTO Forty percent of Mauritians are either diabetic or pre-diabetic, and most of this segment has additional chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD: stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular disease). In the proposed 5-2035 vision, each innovative community health nurse practitioner (CHNP), supervised by a community health doctor (CHDr) will closely care for 1,000 citizens to transform their heath, lifestyle and quality of life. The CHNP will work with the community health cell (CHC) elected from the 1,000 citizens, and will be motivated by 3 pillars of practice: 1) clinical excellence; 2) community engagement, and 3) research and training. At capacity, 1,500 CHNPs and 150 CHDrs, supported by public / private partners, will define frugally innovative health care delivery as a model for the world. Mission Statement: The 5-2035 Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH – 5-2035.org ) is an apolitical not-for-profit organization dedicated to help curb CNCD in Mauritius through the 5-2035 vision; as a signature goal, to decrease diabetes prevalence in the country to 5% by year 2035. We will empower communities to work with content experts and the government through our scientific, medical, social, and philanthropic efforts and advocacy. We will enable export of 5-2035 learnings to the world. Motto: Concordia res parvae crescunt (“unity makes strength”). KEY PARTNERSHIPS
  • * Mauritians living on the island, expatriates, and friends of Mauritius (MRU)
  • * Government of MRU
  • * Academia
  • * MRU Research Council and international health organizations
  • * Doctor and nurses unions
  • * Business community
  • * 5-2035 curriculum development and training for community health nurse practitioners (CHNPs) and community health doctors (CHDrs)
  • * 5-2035 Corporate Wellness Program pilot for nationalization
  • * Capacity building; community empowerment
  • * Target advocacy and fund raising to MRU and international organizations
  • * Spreading of 5-2035
  • * By 2035, estimate over $5.3 billion in health care cost savings if 5-2035 vision is fully deployed to curb CNCD in MRU
  • * MRU as a model for community health and empowerment to curb CNCD
  • * Community health actions will strengthen local communities and national unity in MRU
  • * MRU becomes a model for health care reform; job exports
  • “Customers” are owners
  • Model of individual, peer, and community empowerment
  • To our funders, academic and other organizations, demonstrate expertise, transparency, and reliable partnership
  • * www and strong social media presence
  • * National and international print, audio, and visual media
  • * Word of mouth and door-to-door
  • * Advocacy and sociocultural organizations
  • * Academic community outreach
  • * The single most important resource for the 5-2035 GFCH are the volunteers who are committed to devote their time to the mission
  • * The intellectual property and know-how of the 5-2035 vision in practice is another key resource
  • * Effort for running the GFCH will be mostly voluntary. At capacity, we may need salary for a secretariat.
  • * Travel costs for key people for critical on-the-ground activities and face-to-face meetings
  • * www and social media presence
  • * Cost sharing for training and salaries for CHNPs and CHDrs
  • * Funding from MRU governmental agencies
  • * Funding from private and not-for-profit organizations
  • * Philanthropy; Crowd funding
  • * Sale of 5-2035 merchandise
  • * When fully operational: consultancy services by GFCH to other countries / organizations
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