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Like most open societies, with practical checks and balances, the democratic political process is drawn along tribal lines in Mauritius.  Often with reason, the punditry continually decries the “million ghettos” that characterizes the political landscape.  Yet in many ways, the strength and vibrancy of the country is directly due to a nation that prides itself on its tolerance, and its multicultural, ethnic and racial diversity.  It is fitting that we will celebrate 50 years of independence in 2018.

At the GFCH, we believe that through the 5-2035 vision, rallying around the common purpose of curbing the existential threat of CNCD, we can bring national unity in a pragmatic and sustained manner, beyond the easy jingles used on the political stage.

While the GFCH is committed by its charter to be apolitical, we also understand that we must be intimately engaged with the political process, work across the aisle as it were, to effect public policy.  In this regard, we see engagement with members of parliament, political parties and stakeholders of all stripes as key to achieve our vision to decrease diabetes to 5% in a generation by the year 2035.

Here are some easy ways you can contact your local member of parliament to bring visibility to the GFCH and obtain their support to our cause.


[letters in English, French that can me emailed directly to MPs or printed to be mailed]