Mission Statement and Charter

A worldwide movement to decrease chronic non-communicable diseases by empowering communities

The Indian Ocean island of Mauritius as ground-zero for a health policy and practice revolution in primary care

Problem and Mission Statements

The island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean has one of the highest prevalence of type II diabetes (T2D) in the world, and is additionally impacted by the consequences of other associated chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD are defined to also include cardiovascular disease, and stroke). To remedy the situation, we propose a multi-sectoral vision we call 5-2035 to curb T2D in the country to 5% by the year 2035. Please also see the 5-2035 vision White Paper for details.

Mission Statement: The 5-2035 Global Foundation for Community Health (5-2035 GFCH – 5-2035.org ) is an apolitical not-for-profit organization with a vision to help curb CNCD in Mauritius through the 5-2035 vision; as a signature goal, to decrease T2D prevalence in the country to 5% by year 2035. Using grassroots efforts, we will create opportunities that empower communities to work with content experts and the government through our scientific, medical, social, political and philanthropic advocacy. We will enable export of 5-2035 learnings to the world.

Motto: Concordia res parvae crescunt (“small things flourish by concord” or “unity makes strength”).


Guiding Principles and Objectives

Operationally, the 5-2035 GFCH will coalesce around advocacy and input of the following five  5-2035 vision guiding principles and their associated objectives:

1) National unity and social justice     Bettering the health and quality of life of Mauritius by the 5-2035’ vision will be presented as a matter of national security, an endeavor that must involve all citizens;

2) A grassroots integrated community health system     We will promote the SEED-SCALE (Self-Evaluation for Effective Decision-making + System for Communities to Adapt Learning and Expand) model of sustainable community- based human development;

3) Organic native institutional and human resources development     We will invest in human potential and enabling existing institutions to grow with the project so we create buy-in from stakeholders in a fiscally-responsive manner; 

4) Public-private partnerships     We will help create a cadre of socially-conscious national and international entrepreneurs to spread the message of 5-2035’ in the country and the rest of the world , and

5) Pragmatism and frugal innovation.

Organizational Structure

To be true to its grassroots nature, the Foundation’s organizational structure will focus on individual citizens living in their communities.  Communities will be supported by 5 leadership clusters all working together. At the apex, will be the Mauritius Leadership where precinct captains will work with community health committees (CHC)  under the supervision of 10 district managers who will report to a national committee of Elders.

At the mid-level, the Ground Game Leadership will comprise of 5 regional directors who will work with 2 senior directors who will develop the ground game for the Foundation’s membership recruitment, retention and solidify our mission at the grassroots level. Also at this level, the 7-Nation Leadership cluster will work with the executive team and committee of Elders to create a global network of service, advocacy and philanthropy.

At the base, the Executive Leadership will have overall responsibility of the direction of the Foundation. Finally, the Technical Review Committees under a Head will develop and maintain scientific rigor and academic study of the 5-2035 vision.         

Please refer to our GFCH leadership team and GFCH officer values and responsibilities for more details.

Scope, Deliverables and Timelines

See Figure 1.  The life of the 5-2035 GFCH will be characterized by 3 major periods. Initially, the GFCH will deliver buy-in from the Mauritian government to implement the 5-2035 vision on a pilot basis.  Part of this Period I will be to simultaneously launch our 5-2035 Corporate Wellness Program (CWP) in the private sector in Mauritius to streamline the community health doctor (CHDr) and community health nurse practitioner (CHNP) curricula while providing value to Mauritian companies in a win-win scenario through the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme.  We are working with local stakeholders in Mauritius to kick start the CWP in Q42018.  The red honeycombs represent the seamless activities of the CWP as it relates to the overall 5-2035 timeline.  Please see the CWP Concept Paper for further details.

In period II, at every step of deployment of the 5-2035 vision in Mauritius, we will enable realization and acceleration of milestones shown on the left as tangible deliverables.

In period III (beginning in Phase IV of the timeline), our focus will become the development of advocacy to propagate the 5-2035 vision to other communities around the planet; our ultimate deliverable.

In scope, we will pragmatically work with existing local and international infrastructure and organizations to realize better primary health for all through the 5-2035 vision.   

Please see the 5-2035 Executive Summary to have an overview of our plan or request the full 76-page 5-2035 White Paper for further details See our GFCH officer values and responsibilities on details about our leadership positions and available vacancies.
If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate contact us.  Our response time may be slow as all of us at the GFCH are volunteers for the 5-2035 mission and have full time commitments. Thank you for your understanding and patience.