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Dr. Sohur’s visit to Australia from 11 to 14 Feb 2019

Autralia’s visit was a real success and as Dr. Sohur recalls:          You have no idea how touched I am by each of your willingness to take our 5-2035 vision to the next level by using your skillsets and your time into productive action.  Last week we were complete strangers.  Now we are unified in a common purpose.  To curb CNCD in Mauritius in a revolutionary and sustainable manner, the 5-2035 vision calls for a grassroots bottom-up swell of Mauritians and friends of Mauritius working together with change agile local and international institutions in synergy.  At heart of the 5-2035 vision proposes three pillars of frugal innovation to spur:
  1. Excellence in clinical care by standardization of health care delivery and close follow-up of patients;
  2. Engagement and empowerment of local communities while preserving human dignity, privacy and enhancing civic values, and
  3. Investment in pragmatic clinical research, continual training of health care professionals and community organizers, and academic dissemination of the 5-2035 vision towards national implementation in Mauritius.
Much of the reason for our success this week is to be credited to our GFCH Country Director, Ameer Jhingoor. Australia, we will hear you roar.  Mauritius will notice.  The world will notice.  What we started here this week in Melbourne and Perth will echo in eternity.  We stop being afraid.  We go after the system.  We shall not relent.  Nous serons incontournables. Thank you very much for your time.