A National Security Threat to Mauritius: 40% of its Citizens are Diabetic or Pre-Diabetic. 80% of such CNCD are Preventable.

At the 5-2035 Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH), our conviction is that Mauritius is best suited to be the ground-zero for our fight to curb CNCD  (chronic non-communicable diseases; preventable related conditions of type II diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases) in a generation as it has all the attributes necessary to succeed in the social experiment for community empowerment to better health through the 5-2035 vision. Read here why Mauritius is the most conducive place to deploy the 5-2035 vision. At the center of this innovation is the 5-2035 concept of the community health nurse practitioner (CHNP) supervised by a community health doctor (CHDr).  Each 5-2035 CHNP will closely care for 1,000 citizens to transform their health, lifestyle and quality of life. The CHNP will work with the community health cell (CHC) elected from the 1,000 citizens, and will be motivated by 3 pillars of practice: 1) clinical excellence; 2) community engagement, and 3) research and training. This innovative 5-2035 system of community health will ensure the following:
  1. 1.  For citizens with CNCD, close follow-up with a health professional team (the CHNP, supervised by a CHDr), akin to a ‘personal coach’ through the journey of optimizing medical management of their condition.  Every individual is unique, facing individual pressures and influences that prevent them from adherence to their medical regimen or in some cases, a sub-optimal regimen.  The CHNP will get to know each patient as an individual who is part of a family living in a community to generate the understanding of what tools they need to succeed in their medical management and how best to implement them;
  2. 2. Community engagement to explore how individuals in each local community can help each other collectively for behavior change to adopt better lifestyles, and
  3. 3.  A culture of continual learning through research and training that will enable iterative improvement towards generational behavioral change needed to stall, and then curb the rise of CNCD in Mauritius as a model for the world.
At capacity, 1,500 CHNPs and 150 CHDrs, supported by public / private partners, will define frugally innovative health care delivery as a model for the world.  Our internal very rough estimate shows that if we make the 5-2035 vision a reality in Mauritius, we could stand to save Rs 158 billion (~$5B) by the year 2035. Our assertion is that Mauritius is the ideal setting to bring effective societal changes to curb CNCD and in so doing, become an exportable model for the rest of world. Additionally, please see the 5-2035 Executive Summary to have an overview of our plan or request the full 76-page 5-2035 White Paper  for further details The GFCH Mission Statement and Charter can be found here. If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our response time may be slow as all of us at the GFCH are volunteers for the 5-2035 mission and have full time commitments. Thank you for your understanding and patience.