A personal Note from Dr. B. Nikhil Domun

I was overwhelmed after reading Dr. Sohur’s White Paper on the 5-2035 Model.  At this dawn of my professional career, I was gripped by how well-thought out and evidence-based the 5-2035 vision is to get us out of the dire straits we are in Mauritius and in the world regarding CNCD (Chronic non-communicable diseases; related lifestyle conditions of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke). I sought out members of the Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH) and discovered an amazing group of Mauritians and friends of Mauritius who are dedicated in voluntary service to decrease CNCD in Mauritius through community empowerment and frugal innovation as a model for the world.  Personally, I could not but be compelled to join the fight with this organization against CNCD through the 5-2035 Model.  We will be relentless. In my personal life, I have seen very close family members and friends suffering from acute and chronic complications of CNCD. In Mauritius, a staggering 40 % of the population is either diabetic or pre-diabetic, and yet 80 % of CNCD are preventable. This health situation represents a threat to national security for Mauritius.  We can overcome this tragic health situation if we work together as the rainbow nation that we are. Being a diabetologist, I can witness the impact on people and surroundings in my daily personal and professional life and I think it is not too late for the present and future generations in Mauritius, and around the world, to turn the tide against CNCD. The 5-2035 vision is the resulting labor of a decade of hard work and we invite you into advocacy and action to beat down CNCD for ourselves and our children in togetherness. By working together, within a generation, we will defeat the threat of CNCD in Mauritius as a model for the world. Dr. Domun Bio.