A Personal Note from Alison O. Marshall

  I am delighted to be the founding Chief Nursing Officer within the Foundation as it is a natural extension of my passion for nursing and practicing primary care within the community. This project intersects perfectly with my experiences as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) and an educator for over the last decade. A central tenet of nursing, as well as my professional ethic, is to provide high quality, bias-free care to any person seeking it. This has been my guiding principle over the last thirteen years as a practitioner in South Boston– providing preventative care, screenings and patient education to thousands of patients and families. In the U.S., APRNs have become indispensable in the delivery of quality primary care. At its core, the 5-2035 project seeks to enhance and adapt the ideals of the APRN profession to Mauritius in the fight against chronic non-communicable diseases (CNCD), while keeping a focus on the nursing principles that are the basis for our successful patient outcomes. The innovation of our proposed 5-2035 community health nurse practitioner (CHNP) lies in the focus on the three pillars of our curriculum: a) clinical excellence; b) community engagement and c) research and training. This approach combines excellent evidence based care of patients with existing CNCD with to improve health and prevent disease progression. Our larger strategy of promoting community engagement will effect behavioral changes, that are so important to curb CNCD. We know that continuing education is an integral part of any health profession and thus we will emphasize the importance of lifelong learning to the CHNPs. All of us in the Foundation are committed to research so that our successes can be disseminated to the world community, potentially allowing us to train future cadres of CHNPs that could provide high quality care to other global populations in need. I am committed to enriching my own education with doctoral study, which particularly reinforces my personal stake in the success of our mission. FNP Marshall Bio.