Our Mission

The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty, and we must rise with the occasion. As our case is new, so we must think anew and act anew

Abraham Lincoln

Our Mission

The challenge to decrease CNCD (related preventable conditions of type II diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular diseases) and improve the quality of life of a whole nation must begin at the point of the heart. The country has to turn inward to take stock of the hopes and aspirations it nurtures. What is her index of self-confidence in the future? A vanquished people cannot take up an endeavor of this magnitude, when world CNCD trends are moving in the opposite direction. Over the last decade, we at the GFCH have meticulously studied the CNCD pandemic in Mauritius and around the world and are convinced that the island is uniquely positioned to be the ground-zero for curbing CNCD as a model for the rest of the world through frugally innovative community health. At the center of this innovation is the 5-2035 concept of the community health nurse practitioner (CHNP) supervised by a community health doctor (CHDr).  Each 5-2035 CHNP will closely care for 1,000 citizens to transform their health, lifestyle and quality of life. The CHNP will work with the community health cell (CHC) elected from the 1,000 citizens, and will be motivated by 3 pillars of practice: 1) clinical excellence; 2) community engagement, and 3) research and training. At capacity, 1,500 CHNPs and 150 CHDrs, supported by public / private partners, will define frugally innovative health care delivery as a model for the world.

Our Commitments

The GFCH commits to the following 5 fields of action: 1.  Grassroots mobilization to empower communities to act for better health; 2.  Promotion of clinical and scientific excellence; 3.  Political and governmental advocacy; 4.  Promotion of public-private partnerships, and 5.  Spreading of 5-2035 vision. In our opinion, there has been a multi-sectoral mis-alignment worldwide to control the rise of CNCD because there has not been a concerted effort to tackle the problem in a multidisciplinary fashion and in essence is a failure of politics and political institutions. Health officials and academics [2, 3, 5] and even the business community [4] have focused on CNCD and proposed sensible goals, but to date we have not had a substantive practical political roadmap to curb this pandemic. The 5-2035 Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH) proposes to revolutionize our fight against CNCD by helping align the multitude of stakeholders involved, starting by organizing communities to empower themselves to action. The fundamental idea of our work is that healthcare is an inalienable right as well as a collective responsibility; this is the central thesis of the 5-2035 vision. We think that in 5-2035 we have a cogent approach to decrease CNCD, one community at a time, and simultaneously bring a health care revolution through integrated health care. Please see our GFCH Charter for our guiding principles, organizational structure, and scope and deliverables and our business model canvas to get an overview of our mission and commitments.

Please see the 5-2035 Executive Summary to have an overview of our plan or request the full 76-page 5-2035 White Paper  for further details

The GFCH Mission Statement and Charter can be found here.  Meet our GFCH leadership team and consider our GFCH officer values and responsibilities and see our Organization Chart graphic to find out more.  There are a number of volunteer leadership opportunities that you or friends you know could consider; learn more here.

If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate contact us.  Our response time may be slow as all of us at the GFCH are volunteers for the 5-2035 mission and have full time commitments. Thank you for your understanding and patience.