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Deep Mauritian Roots, Strong Global Branches

Over the last decade, we have built the 5-2035 movement from the ground-up through the work of volunteer Mauritians and friends of Mauritius. Our unique non-sectarian and non-partisan roots make us an extraordinary community movement that the country has never seen before. Our battle cry is People Power! Science First! Beating down the diabetes epidemic that plagues our beautiful island through the 5-2035 Vision is a unique opportunity for the Mauritian diaspora to give back to their homeland. This is where the Global Foundation for Community Health (GFCH), the non-profit that advocates for its 5-2035 Vision, is a game changer that will extend our branches across the world while deepening our local roots. Beyond national borders, our 5-2035 movement has reached important milestones in the last year thanks to the participation of our members in what we call our “All Nations Uprising”. Currently, we have interest groups in USA, France, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and, of course, Mauritius. We have accomplished a lot recently, although a lot more needs to be done. With the amazing commitment of our local members, we have been acting as a registered Social Advocacy Association in Mauritius since January 2019. Being a legal entity, the GFCH now counts elected District Managers, one for each district (9 mainland + Rodrigues). We will be showcasing their achievements in this first edition of the Newsletter, in future Newsletter releases and continuously on Facebook and the 5-2035 website.
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This past October 2019, under my leadership, we successfully registered GFCH as a Non-Profit in the USA. It is essential to highlight that none of this would have been possible without the superb dedication of our USA team (Dr. Jayraz Luchoomun, Chief Development Officer; Ms. Dona Szak, our USA general counsel; Dr. Guru Bhoojhawon, USA Country Director; Dr. Shivraj Sohur, our Founding President). Our registration in the USA is a major step toward uniting our people for our common goal to curb the diabetes pandemic in Mauritius, thereby setting it as an example to the world. Indeed, the registration in the USA has given us access to Google Suite services which is showing extremely useful in reinforcing our online presence and effectively collaborating both globally and locally. Registration activities are currently in progress in France, Canada and Australia. The year 2020 is expected to be even more exciting for Mauritians and friends of our island who are all working toward a healthy Mauritius. So keep an eye out on our initiatives on Facebook here and feel free to join our 5-2035 movement through our website to get actively involved! Version Française