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GFCH Newsletter #1 December 2019

We are excited to bring to you the inaugural issue of Take-off, the official newsletter of the 5-2035 Movement! In this first issue of the newsletter’s first volume, members of the foundation will take you through the foundation’s work – past, present and future – while you get acquainted with the people behind it. The members are themselves volunteers from all walks of life, from students to professionals, all rallied to help fight diabetes and chronic non-communicable diseases. To reach out to a larger audience, we have also translated our articles into French which you can have access to at the end of every translated article. (La version française est disponible ici et à la suite de chaque article anglais) We welcome your constructive feedback via the comments section and also encourage you to reach out to us should you be interested to be part of the Take-off team to produce more content for the foundation. Enjoy, and as we like to say: “Onward and Upward!” Section 1: GFCH and 5-2035 Part 1 – The GFCH and its 5-2035 Vision, by Dr. Pranavsingh Dhunnoo Part 2 – Deep Mauritian Roots, Strong Global Branches, by Mr. Quentin Adam Part 3 – ¡Viva la Revolución!, by Dr. U. Shivraj Sohur Section 2: Our People and Local Initiatives Part 1 – GFCH – The People: Interview with our Chief Digital Officer – Nilesh Dosooye, by Dr. Pranavsingh Dhunnoo Part 2 – Breaking New Ground: Moka Town Hall Meeting, by Miss Jovanah Luchmiah Section 3 – Diabetes and its implications Part 1 – Your Brain On Sugar, by Dr. Vincent Oxenham Part 2 – The Health Economics Behind 5-2035: Saving Lives While Saving Billions, by Dr. Guru V. Bhoojhawon and Mr. Ali Mansoor