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The GFCH and its 5-2035 Vision

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering: what is the GFCH and the 5-2035 vision? After all, this is the foundation’s very first newsletter. However, even if all this might sound new, the GFCH, short for Global Foundation for Community Health, was not conceived overnight. In fact, the foundation is the fruit of 10 years of hard work after the original idea was conceived by a group of Mauritian patriots and it has since inspired a growing number of volunteers to join the cause.
CHAP concept © 5-2035
Our core aim is to reduce the prevalence of uncontrolled diabetes in Mauritius to 5% by the year 2035, thereby setting the country as an example for the world. This 5-2035 goal will be achieved through a unique working model – the novel Community Health Advanced Practitioners (CHAPs) – that aims to empower local communities while working in concert with key stakeholders.
CHAP concept © 5-2035
The fact that the the 5-2035 Movement includes members in every single continent and from every walk of life attests to the foundation’s legitimacy as a global force for change in innovative healthcare delivery and policy to combat conditions like diabetes. Our long-term goal is to revolutionize primary healthcare around the world through the 5-2035 Vision. Even a decade after our foundation’s conception, we feel that we are at the beginning of our journey. Over these last 10 years we have worked diligently to bring evidence-based ideas to our 5-2035 Model. We have plans to conduct a scientific Impact study in Mauritius called CIELAD (Community Interventions to Encourage Leagues Against Diabetes). We continue to engage stakeholders in Mauritius and around the world. Early next year we will be rolling out our Douze Dan Douze effort to have 12,000 members by the end of 2020. These are just some of our many ambitions which we approach with great humility but with the dedication and relentlessness that have characterized our past. To us, the foundation’s goal of helping to improve the health of our citizens in Mauritius as a model for the world seems more within reach than ever before. Work is being done and will continue to be done as we progress towards our vision. In this inaugural issue of the foundation’s newsletter, you will come across many milestones that we have achieved as told by those leading those initiatives. From getting officially registered in different countries to the first town hall meeting to the health economics behind the GFCH, our members will give you a clear view of the foundation, its progress and the people behind it. So much more has to be accomplished and we need your help to progress. To keep up to date with the foundation’s latest works, we invite you to sign up for our quarterly newsletter which will be delivered straight to your inbox. We are also actively rallying people to our cause and if you wish to join the organisation and contribute, you can sign up on our website and we will follow up accordingly. Version française